• 2016 Jazz Award Winners
  • Elisabeth Beltrame, jazz singer
  • Kate Ceberano, David Goodwin, Kim Norman
  • Emile Ryjoch
  • Richard Fennell, Joseph Burgess, Kate Ceberano
  • Nicholas Pennington, jazz guitarist
  • Thomas Voss

Annual Jazz Awards

“Thank you for investing in music and musicians, and having the foresight to know how many lives your generosity will reach.”
Joseph Burgess, winner of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Award for Top Jazz Drums Undergraduate

Each year the Helpmann Academy presents a number of awards to outstanding graduates and final year students from The University of Adelaide’s Elder Conservatorium of Music. The awards are made possible through the generous support of a number of private donors and corporate partners.

In 2016 the following musicians were awarded:

Expr3ss! Award
Best Overall Graduate
Awarded to guitarist Nicholas Pennington
Valued at $3,333.33

Bendigo Adelaide Bank Award
Top Drums Undergraduate
Awarded to Joseph Burgess
Valued at $2,000

Keith Langley Memorial Award
Top Trombone Undergraduate
Awarded to Thomas Voss
Valued at $2,000

Howell Ross Award
Top Saxophone Undergraduate
Awarded to Emile Ryjoch
Valued at $2,000

Tommy Norman Award
Top Piano Undergraduate
Awarded to David Goodwin
Valued at $2,000

Southern Jazz Club Encouragement Award
Voice Undergraduate Awarded to Elisabeth Beltrame
Valued at $1,000

Helpmann gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Jazz Award Partners and Donors:

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
The Langley Family
Don Howell
The Family of Tommy Norman
The Southern Jazz Club and Ollie Clark