Helpmann Academy Home Alone Film Fest

Creativity in Isolation

Generously funded by the Nunn Dimos Foundation.

The Helpmann Academy Home Alone Film Fest is an online, short-film competition for South Australian emerging filmmakers. Responding to the theme of ‘creativity in isolation’, filmmakers have the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings, stories, images, and moments with the community as they navigate living through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The winning filmmaker will be awarded $7,000. 

The competition is open to emerging filmmakers who are final year students or graduates (for up to five years from the final year of study) of Helpmann Academy’s partner institutions.

Applicants are invited to create a short film (under 7 minutes) in response to the theme of creativity in isolation. Work produced can be any genre – a short film, a doco, an animation or a video art piece – let your imagination run wild! 

You are encouraged to use whatever technology you have at hand to create the film (iPhone, webcam, SLR ect). The films will be presented to a panel of esteemed judges who will primarily be judging on creativity over polish.

The judging panel includes: 

  • Scott Hicks
  • Richard Jasek
  • Mat Kesting
  • Maya Newell
  • Madeleine Parry

Read more about the judging panel.

All shortlisted videos will be shown on the Helpmann Academy Facebook page, where our audience will be prompted to vote on the People’s Choice Award ($3,000).

Contact Helpmann Academy on [email protected] for further information

Generously funded by the Nunn Dimos Foundation with support from the City of Adelaide