Neil Curnow Award

“Winning the 2017 Neil Curnow award is going facilitate the most exciting opportunities of my professional career thus far. The Helpmann Academy has been an enormous support to me since I graduated from Adelaide College of the Arts, giving me the opportunity to undertake projects and training that would never have been possible without their backing.”
Clara Solly-Slade, 2017 Neil Curnow Award winner

“I am so humbled and grateful to be given this incredible opportunity. I am determined to make the most of it and bring back a wealth of knowledge to launch my career forward in South Australia.”
Abbie Johnstone, 2016 Neil Curnow Award winner

The Neil Curnow Award is available to final-year students and graduates under the age of 30 who have studied theatre at Flinders University Drama Centre or TAFE SA’s Adelaide College of the Arts. The purpose of the award is to support an emerging artist to undertake further study or career development in acting/theatre performance or direction.

The award is made possible through the generous bequest of the late Neil Curnow, an extraordinary man of the theatre based in Adelaide. Following his impressive career as an actor, director, teacher and voice coach, Neil made a bequest through the Independent Arts Foundation to support emerging South Australian theatre people through this prestigious award.

Valued at up to $7,000 for interstate study and $10,000 for overseas study, the award supports the recipient to undertake further study or an internship at a recognised institution. The award is facilitated by the Helpmann Academy on behalf of the Independent Arts Foundation

For more information:
Contact Nadia Dolman 7320 3330 / [email protected]

Presented in partnership with the Independent Arts Foundation.

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Previous Neil Curnow Award Winners:
2017 | Clara Solly Slade, AC Arts
2016 | Abbie Johnstone, AC Arts
2015 | Rebecca Mayo, Flinders Drama Centre
2014 | Kate Cheel, AC Arts
2013 | Jhon Bedoya Mendez, AC Arts Acting
2012 | Charles Sanders, ACArts Acting
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2011 | Ellonye Keniri, ACArts Acting
2010 | Krystal Brock, ACArts Acting
2009 | Bianca Kostic-London, Flinders Drama Centre
2008 | Maria Dafneros, ACArts Acting
2007 | Sarah John, ACArts Acting
2006 | Hew Parham, Flinders Drama Centre
2005 | Emma Beech, Flinders Drama Centre
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