The Elevate Mentorship program matches final year students and graduate emerging artists with established professionals to undertake specifically designed mentorship programs. Elevate aims to enable career development through further learning, development of skills, advice, and networking. We especially encourage applicants to consider online options for mentorships at this time.

The program is a valuable way to build on an emerging career by providing knowledge and experience beyond study, at a point of transition and exploration. This can take the form of creative development or business/entrepreneurial acumen.

Valued at up to $3,000, the funding allows for payment to the mentor and assists the mentee in covering any expenses associated with undertaking the mentorship. The payment structure is flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of the artists involved.


The mentorship is to take place between 1 February 2021 and 31 July 2021.

If activity is taking place a short time before or after this period, the timeline may be flexible – applicants are asked to contact the Helpmann Academy to discuss before completing an application.

The mentorship structure varies depending on the goals of the mentee and what the mentor can offer.  Your application will include a proposal outlining how the mentorship will be structured and what the expected outcomes will be.

Examples of how a mentorship can be structured include (online options for all of these activities will be accepted):

  • Studio visits, allowing for hands-on development of skills and observational learning.
  • Development sessions for a dance, music or theatre work.
  • Film script development and advice on editing a film.
  • Advice on mounting an exhibition.
  • Assistance with establishing the business and practical side of an arts practice. E.g. assistance with writing a business or marketing plan etc.

Proposing online alternatives for all activities is encouraged in the current global environment. An online mentorship is an amazing opportunity to connect with a mentor without the barrier of geography. You have the freedom to choose whatever mentor you deem most beneficial to your artistic development at this time, regardless of their location. The only limitation is your imagination! Please get in touch if you would like assistance to consider your options.


The mentorship is valued at up to $3,000 in total. Applicants must carefully consider the most appropriate way to allocate this funding.

From the awarded funds, the mentor is to receive an agreed payment for their time and expertise. The remaining funds are to assist the mentee with any costs associated with undertaking the mentorship, such as travel, or the purchase of specific texts or materials.

A detailed budget outlining the allocation of funds is required to complete an application.


Graduates (within five years following final year of study) from Helpmann Academy’s partner institutions are eligible to apply.  Honours graduates are eligible for five years following final year of study.

Final year students are eligible to apply in round 2 of applications only in any given year. The mentorship must take place between February and July of the following year.

Masters and PhD graduates are not eligible.

The Helpmann Academy’s partner institutions and eligible courses are listed here.


Your mentor can be a local, interstate or international artist.  Your choice of mentor should be someone who can assist you in developing your career technically, conceptually or professionally.

You are welcome to select a mentor outside of your field of practice.

If you already have a relationship with your desired mentor, you should discuss the opportunity with them and ask if they would be interested in participating before you apply.

If you don’t have an existing relationship, Helpmann can approach the proposed Mentor on your behalf. You will need to contact the Helpmann Academy to discuss this option before commencing your application.

Once you have confirmation your desired mentor is willing and able to participate, you can proceed with completing your application.

Former lecturers will not be considered as potential mentors.


Applications are due by Friday 4 December at 11:59pm ACDT.

Applications must be submitted via the online form on the Helpmann Academy website.

You will be required to respond to a series of questions that include:

  • Why are you interested in taking part in the Elevate Mentorship Program? Please outline the expected outcomes of your proposed mentorship.
  • How the artist you have nominated will contribute to your career development, with particular reference to their specific skills, experience, technical abilities etc.
  • How do you see the mentorship being structured? What activities do you intend to undertake?

You will be required to provide support material to accompany your written application.  Required support material is outlined on the application form and includes:

  • Artist CV (max 2 pages)
  • Academic transcript
  • A letter of support from your proposed mentor.
  • Your proposed Mentor’s CV or Bio.
  • A budget outlining how the Mentorship funding will be spent.
  • A timeline outlining the proposed activities and when they will take place.
  • Additional (optional) support material may be supplied such as images of your work, showreels, reviews/press coverage, website links or other material you feel will support your application.

Due to COVID-19, we have temporarily waived the usual requirement of including a letter of endorsement from a previous lecturer or industry leader.

You are welcome to submit a draft application to receive feedback before submitting your final application. 

Draft applications must be received by Friday 20 November 2020 to allow suitable time for review. It is likely that drafts cannot be read if received after this date. Draft applications must be in word format and emailed to [email protected]


Successful applications will clearly demonstrate how the mentorship will contribute to your career development.

Applications will be assessed on:

  • The impact the mentorship will have on your professional development / artistic practice.
  • How you will maximise your time while undertaking the mentorship.
  • The suitability of the nominated mentor.


If your application is successful and you undertake a mentorship, you are required to provide the Helpmann Academy with updates on your progress throughout the duration of the mentorship.

You will be required to:

  • Submit an acquittal report at the completion of your mentorship.
  • Contribute to furthering the program for other artists.

The Elevate Mentorship program is fully supported by private donors. Connection and engagement with donors is essential to ensure the success of the program.  You will be required to write a note of thanks to a donor we have matched to your mentorship, outlining the outcomes and achievements of your mentorship.

You may also be asked to attend a small gathering of donors, mentees and mentors. These events allow donors to hear first-hand about the impact of the mentorships.

Your advocacy of the program will enable its success and provide further opportunities for other artists.

If you would like more information about the program, please contact the Helpmann Academy on (08) 7089 0720 or email [email protected]