• Nicholas Pennington, photo by Russell Millard
  • Angus Mason, photo by Olivia Power
  • Zoe Woods, Olivia Dryden, Stephanie Jaclyn

Helpmann Fellowships


The Helpmann Academy is thrilled to be partnering with The James and Diana Ramsay Foundation to present this wonderful opportunity, open to emerging artists from all of our partner institutions working in visual arts, theatre, dance, music and film.

Valued at up to $20,000 each, the Fellowships will fund projects of significance, supporting early career artists to realise their visions and build sustainable practices, shaping their future and empowering them to transform the cultural landscape. It is intended the Fellowships will enable artists to pursue professional development opportunities overseas or interstate.

The Helpmann Fellowships are made possible through a grant from The James and Diana Ramsay Foundation. The James and Diana Ramsay Foundation fosters excellence in the arts and is committed to supporting high-quality arts programs to encourage a robust arts sector and increase its accessibility.

For more information:
Contact Helpmann Academy (08) 7089 0720 / [email protected]

Proudly supported by The James and Diana Ramsay Foundation

2020 Fellowship Recipients
Anastasia Comelli | Flinders University
Alexis Luke | Flinders University

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2019 Fellowship Recipients
Lucy Haas-Hennessy | Adelaide College of the Arts (TAFE SA)
Tim Carlier | Flinders University
Natalia Sledz | Adelaide College of the Arts (TAFE SA)

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2018 Fellowship Recipients
Marissa Ziesing | University of South Australia
Angus Mason and Nick Pennington | University of Adelaide

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2017 Fellowship Recipients
Olivia Dryden | Adelaide College of the Arts (TAFE SA)
Stephanie Jaclyn | Flinders University
Zoe Woods | University of South Australia

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