Creative Relief Fund

Helpmann Academy Creative Stimulus Grants Scheme

Generously supported by a group of philanthropic partners and donors and Arts South Australia, the Helpmann Academy Creative Stimulus Grants Scheme has been developed as a holistic approach to the challenges faced by emerging creatives brought on by the restrictions needed to combat COVID-19.

The four-part program aims to support artists at different stages and in different financial positions, casting a wide net of support of up to $200,000.

The program will kick off with the Creative Relief Fund, which aims to support artists with up to $1,000 of quick relief.

The funding will provide relief in response to the immediate issues that artists are currently facing. Funds will enable artists to purchase essential services or pay immediate costs, develop small projects, build digital skills, develop their audience, and support them to continue their creative practice.

These funds can be used for activities such as:

  • The purchase, hire or upgrade of technology, skills or equipment that will enable artists to continue and adapt their practice to recent changes (such as computer software or programs, cameras and associated equipment, sound equipment, workshops and seminars)
  • The purchase of materials and tools pertinent to an artists practice (such as paints and brushes, metals, timber, and textiles, printing and framing, materials to create merchandise)
  • Paying for costs associated with their practice (such as studio rental, internet and phone costs, website hosting fees)
  • Building and expanding their audience (e.g. social advertising, creating/evolving an online business, producing online webinars and workshops)

Applications for the Creative Relief Fund open on 1 June 2020
Applications close on Monday 15 June 2020 at 11:59pm ACST
For activity occurring between 22 June 2020 and 31 December 2020

The Helpmann Academy Stimulus Grants Scheme is generously supported by the following partners and donors

David McKee AO & Pam McKee
John Phillips
Georgie Taylor
Margo Hill-Smith
Chris Penny & Angela Carey
Diana & Philippe Jaquillard


Successful Creative Relief Fund recipients

Kathryn Adams
Eleanor Amor
Lachlan Barnett
Nerida Bell
Steven Bellosguardo
Lewis But-Husaim
Neville Cichon
Anastasia Comelli
Lisa Furno
Abby Hampton
Jamie Hornsby
Danny Jarratt
Simone Linder-Patton
Alice Marsh
Jennifer Matthews
Chloe Noble
Adam Ovadia
Emile Pearson
Nat Penney
Izabella Shaw
Brianna Speight
Sofia Torchia
Nelya Valamanesh
Stella Vanska
Ella-Maude Wilson