Quick Response Grants

“I am so, so thankful to Helpmann for considering my situation and responding in a manner that meant I would be able to participate in this opportunity.” – Kelsey Robinson, 2016 Grant Recipient

Many worthwhile projects and opportunities present themselves at short notice. The Helpmann Academy offers final-year students and graduates (up to five years out) of our partner institutions $500 quick response grants for unexpected projects.

The opportunity must arise and be taking place within a two-month period (please note: applications must be submitted within one-month of the opportunity arising and the opportunity must be taking place within one-month of the application submission date). A finite pool of funds is available for this purpose.

There is no deadline for applications, which may be made as required. You MUST contact the team at Helpmann Academy to discuss your proposed request for funding. This will save you time and trouble filling in an application if your project is not eligible under the Quick Response Grant Program (see contact details below).

What the Quick Response Grant does NOT support:

  • Funds to overcome lack of planning or to supplement project income
  • Attendance at events, conferences or residencies that occur on a regular basis (e.g. annual, biennial, biannual etc.) for which you could have planned or for which there are other funding programs available
  • Any projects that you may initiate (e.g. application to speak at a conference, residency, or study program for which you made an application, a good idea that may arise out of discussions)
  • Anything that does not have to happen now or an opportunity that will still exist if not taken now
  • Funding for projects already started or completed (ie there is no retrospective funding)
  • Activities that are also funded by other Helpmann programs or other organisations


Proposals must demonstrate:

  • Evidence of increased professional and/or skills development
  • Identified benefits and outcomes
  • Evidence of the applicant’s ability to manage the project
  • Evidence that the project is urgent or a unique arts opportunity that has arisen at short notice. 


The following support material must accompany the application:

  • Relevant CVs of artist/s involved in the project
  • Letter of invitation, if invited to a symposium/conference or similar
  • Relevant letters of support

For more information:
Contact Helpmann Academy  7320 3330 | [email protected]

2017 Quick Response Grant recipients:
Olivia Kathigitis
Dan Thorpe

2016 Quick Response Grant recipients:
Elyas Alavi
Lucy Fry
Ashleigh Geiger
Stephanie Norman
Thomas Yeend