• Marissa Ziesing, photo courtesy of the artist
  • Courteney Cox, photo by Chris Herzfeld
  • Daniel Thorpe, photo by Broken Chip for 3BS Records
  • eDuard Helmbold, O-O-O (video detail), photo by Laura Garcia Quijada
  • Tess Fowler, photo by Chris Herzfeld.
  • Ursula Halpin, Untitled Series, 2016

Regular Grants

The Helpmann Academy’s grants scheme offers more than $100,000 a year in funding for performing and visual arts projects.

Regular grants are offered twice a year.

Grants of up to $4,000 for individuals and $9,000 for groups are available for staff, final year students and graduates (up to 5 years from graduation) from all of Helpmann’s partner institutions.

Regular grants support opportunities such as:

  • Professional development in creative career building
  • Exploration of new artforms and exposure to emerging methods
  • Creation of original new work
  • Participation in residencies, workshops, masterclasses and summer schools

Please read the information for applicants thoroughly before commencing your application.

For more information:
Contact Helpmann Academy 7320 3330 / [email protected]