Information for applicants

Regular Grant Round 2, 2018


This application is for projects to be undertaken between 1 November 2018 and 31 October 2019.


This funding is to:

  • Assist graduates and final year students of the Helpmann Academy’s partner institutions make the transition from study to professional practice.
  • Empower emerging artists to realise their visions and build sustainable practices.
  • Enable emerging artists to access professional development opportunities.
  • Support emerging artists to develop their artistic identities, and act as the principal driving force of their own careers.

These grants are not intended to support programs of study, for formal qualifications, or to facilitate study for higher qualifications such as Masters or Doctoral level.


Applications are invited from final year students and graduates (up to five years since the final year of study*) from Helpmann Academy partner institutions:

Adelaide College of the Arts (TAFE SA)

  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) offered in conjunction with Flinders University.
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance) offered in conjunction with Flinders University.
  • Advanced Diploma of Arts (Acting)
  • Advanced Diploma of Live Production and Management Services

Flinders University (Drama and Screen studies)

  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Acting)
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Directing)
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Screen)
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance) offered in conjunction with TAFE SA
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) offered in conjunction with TAFE SA

The University of Adelaide (Elder Conservatorium of Music)

  • Bachelor of Music (all majors)

The University of South Australia (School of Art, Architecture and Design)

  • Bachelor of Contemporary Arts (formerly Bachelor of Visual Arts)

Honours study

Honours students and graduates (up to five years since graduation) are eligible for support if the Honours year of study occurred in direct succession of the undergraduate degree.

*Final year of study means the final year you participated in study at your institution, not the year in which you participated in your graduation ceremony, or the year you received your qualification parchment. If you are unsure, please contact the Helpmann Academy on 7320 3330 before you commence your application. 


  • Students of the Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications) at UniSA are currently not eligible to apply.
  • Funding is not provided for any support directly related to a student’s current course requirements.
  • Funding will not be granted for projects embedded within educational programs and coursework.
  • Funding is not provided for projects already started or completed (ie there is no retrospective funding).
  • Funding is not provided to pay artist fees, essay fees etc, to current students or graduates within five years of graduation or current staff members.
  • Funding is not provided for opening night catering.
  • Funding for group applications will only be considered if a minimum of 4 eligible graduates (refer back to 2: Who Can Apply to check eligibility) play significant/lead roles within the project (e.g.; director, producer, actor with a lead role).
  • Funding for equipment, musical instruments, and supplies will only be provided for specific project-based hire (and not purchase).
  • If your application seeks funding for materials, you must seek approval from Helpmann Academy before submitting your application and include a copy of your correspondence with Helpmann in the project confirmation section of the application form.
  • Please note that no funding will be available for projects undertaken within 5 weeks of the closing date of applications.
  • Graduation showcases and exhibition (these activities are eligible for Graduation Activities Grants).
  • Funding for Honours, Masters and PhD study programs.
  • Applicants who are ineligible to complete their academic qualifications.
  • Single subject students.


A maximum of $4,000 will be allocated to any one individual / small group (up to 3 people who are eligible for Helpmann Academy support).

A maximum of $9,000 will be allocated to any group of applicants (4 people or more who are eligible for Helpmann Academy support, performing key roles in the project).

Please refer to point 6. Completing Your Application to determine which grant is right for you.

The panel reserves the right to award an alternative amount to the sum requested.

All funding decisions are final.


1. Acknowledgement of the Helpmann Academy must be included in any publicity, signage or other distributed material relating to the project for which the grant is awarded. This includes logo placement on any and all promotional material including print and online material and verbal acknowledgement of the Helpmann Academy at any openings, launches etc.

Examples of these materials must be included with the Grant Acquittal report (see below). Grant recipients will be provided with the Helpmann Academy logo for this use.

2. Any changes to the submitted budget or timeframe must be approved by the Helpmann Academy before proceeding. Failure to gain approval for budget changes may result in funds needing to be returned to the Helpmann Academy.

3.  A Grant Acquittal must be provided within two months of the completion of the project.

This acquittal must include:

  • Responses to the required questions.
  • Details of any major diversions from the activities outlined in the original proposal.
  • A full financial report, relating back to the original budget, including a full itemisation of all expenditure, and income if applicable. Receipts must be provided for any expenses over $50.00.
  • Any print material and/or photographs.


  • Before starting your application, make sure you have fully read and understood the information provided.
  • Make sure you are completing the correct application form for your project (either the ‘individual / small group’ or ‘group’ application form).
  • If you are unsure of the eligibility of your project or any of the joint applicants, please check with the Helpmann Academy before submitting your application.
  • Start getting your support material (in particular, letters of endorsement) organised as soon as you commence your application.
  • You may only submit one application per round.
  • If you have an overdue acquittal you will not be eligible to apply.
  • All applications must be submitted via the Helpmann Academy website.
  • A copy of your application will be emailed to you, please keep this for your records.

Which application form should you complete? 

Helpmann Academy provides funding for both individuals/small groups and group projects.

Individual/small group grants are for artist undertaking projects on their own, but can also include up to two additional Helpmann Academy eligible artists involved in the project. The maximum amount available is $4,000.

Group grants are available for groups of four or more Helpmann Academy eligible artists, who are all undertaking key roles in the project. The maximum amount available is $9,000.

If you are unsure of which grant to apply for, please contact the Helpmann Academy before commencing your application.

The application form will consist of the following questions and requirements:

Information to be provided

  • Applicant Information (name, date of birth, address etc).
  • Qualification/Study Information (year commenced/completed study).
  • Project Information (name/type/dates etc).
  • Statistical Information of participants (number/where studied/when graduated etc).


  1. A detailed description of the project (what do you plan to do) Max. 500 words.
  2. Project outcomes (what will the outcomes be from undertaking your project – how will the project provide professional development: Why me/us? Why this? Why now?) Max. 1000 words.

Required Support Material

You will be required to provide the following support material as attachments:

  • Artist CV/s (max 2 pages each).
  • Scans of academic transcripts.
  • Confirmations of your project (e.g.; gallery bookings, acceptance into study programs etc).
  • Project Timeline.
  • For graduates in their final year up to 3 years out from study: An endorsement letter from a current or previous lecturer (provided on letterhead).
  • For graduates 3-5 years out from study: An endorsement letter from an industry leader, or previous lecturer.
  • Project Budget (click here for a budget example).

Optional Support Material

In addition to the required documents, you can also provide any additional support material you feel may benefit your application. This may include:

  • Images or showreels
  • Media coverage
  • Additional support letters

The Helpmann Academy is happy to look at applications and budgets before you submit your final application. Draft applications must be received by Friday 21 September 2018. 

If you have any problems submitting your application, please contact Helpmann Academy on (08) 7320 3330.


  • The Regular Grants are assessed by a panel comprising of invited members of staff of the Helpmann Academy partner institutions, the Helpmann Academy CEO and an independent arts practitioner.
  • You will be notified of the outcome within 1 week of the assessment date.
  • Please direct all enquiries about your grant application and requests for feedback to the Helpmann Academy.


You are encouraged to make an appointment with the Helpmann Academy to discuss your application, and learn more about how we can support your career development. This will provide the opportunity to discuss your plans and how you might be able to refine your proposed program and application.

Please call us on (08) 7320 3330 to make an appointment.