2018 Bendigo & Adelaide Bank Award

30 November 2018

eDuard Helmbold, a sculptor, installation artist and University of South Australia honours graduate has been awarded Helpmann Academy’s 2018 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Award for best arts graduate, valued at $10,000.

Since 2004, the annual Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Award has been recognising the achievements of top graduates from South Australia’s tertiary education institutions. The prestigious award is presented to an outstanding nominee who demonstrates excellence and commitment to working in their creative field. Nominations are submitted by Department Heads of Helpmann’s partner institutions.

eDuard will be using the funds to expand the scope and scale of his creative practice by partaking in a four-week filming workshop by the New York Film Academy on the Gold Coast in 2019 and through attending the ‘Top Ten Tips for Creative Business’ skills workshop with Creative plus Business in Sydney.

Dr Andrew Welch (Program Director: Bachelor of Contemporary Art at the University of South Australia) said that eDuard is an exciting emerging artist who has demonstrated a deep understanding of art and culture across the twentieth century.

“I nominated eDuard for the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank award as he is one of the hardest working and most dedicated students I have known. Ed’s work is timeless and inclusive while being thought provoking. Contemporary artworks that are simultaneously challenging and approachable are rare and worthy of support.”

eDuard said that the award acts as a validation of his current work and will aid in extending his abilities in his art practice.

“I am blown away and extremely grateful for this first year after graduation: I had my first solo exhibition and have been able to travel and make work in the United States twice. The support of Helpmann Academy has been consistent part in all of these things which is now topped off in spectacular fashion with this award. Beyond the monetary reward, prizes like this offer a sense of validation of work, where it’s often hard to measure success. I am incredibly grateful for organisations like Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and Helpmann Academy that recognise, reward and support emerging artists in Adelaide. ”

Jane MacFarlane, Helpmann Academy CEO said that the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Award is a significant investment into the future of a promising emerging creative.

“The Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Award has been providing emerging artists from a range of disciplines with the financial support to elevate their practice since 2004. eDuard is an incredibly exciting new voice in the contemporary art scene, and we can’t wait to see how this award helps him to expand his practice.”

Professor Joanne Cys, Pro Vice Chancellor: Education, Arts and Social Sciences, University of South Australia accepted the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Award from Richard Fennell, Chief Financial Officer of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank on eDuard’s behalf at Helpmann Academy’s 2018 Wrap Up Party at Ayers House on the 30th of November.

Image: eDuard Helmbold, artwork by Brianna Speight in the background.

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