215 Magill Studios Residency

1 February 2021

The Helpmann Academy is pleased to announce the recipient of the 215 Magill Studios Residency in 2021.

Flinders University graduate Alicia Butt was awarded a six-month residency at the Opening Night of the 2021 Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition on Friday 29 January 2021.

The emerging ceramicist will undertake the residency from February – July 2021 giving her access to a growing community of creative practitioners and artists, as well as the room to develop her own skill set.

Alicia’s work, Let’s Touch Base is on display at the Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition, which is hosted at ACE Open from 29 January till 13 February 2021.

Alicia says that she is looking forward to being inspired by the new connections she will make at the residency.

“The aspect of the residency that I am most excited about is the opportunity to work alongside other creative people and to create connections with them. Working in a shared space with other artists will allow me to bounce ideas off them and to consider different perspectives, especially as there are artists working across a range of different disciplines at Magill studios. I also look forward to considering my art practice in ways I perhaps haven’t before, which will encourage me to grow as an artist.”

Images: Helpmann CEO Jane MacFarlane presents Alicia Butt with the 215 Magill Studios Residency at the 2021 Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition opening night. Alicia Butt, Let’s Touch Base (detail), photo by Michael Haines

The Helpmann Academy 215 Magill Studios Residency is an initiative of Helpmann Academy, delivered in partnership with 215 Magill Studios.