Creative Development Fund

13 October 2020  

The Helpmann Academy has awarded over $50,300 to 23 projects over a range of creative disciplines through the Creative Development Fund, the second stage of Helpmann Academy’s Creative Stimulus Grants Scheme

The Creative Development Fund supports eligible emerging creatives with grants of up to $3,000 to kickstart new projects, research and develop ideas/new works or build skills, markets and creative practice.  

The purpose of the fund is to support emerging artists through the early stages of industry recovery, as COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease.   

The full list of recipients:


Josh Belperio (University of Adelaide graduate) will undergo stage two of development for his podcast musical, ‘The Bubonicles’.  

Connor Fogarty (University of Adelaide Honours graduate) will rehearse and record the score of a psychical and text devised work called Elpis, Captif De Pandore. 

Daniel Isler (University of Adelaide final year), on behalf of the Bachelor of Jazz Performance program, applied for a graduation activity grant to record and film sessions for graduating students. 

Kiah Lanagan (University of Adelaide final year studentwill produce a follow-up 9 track album to the debut release of her original project, ‘DEAN FOREVER’. 

Philippa McAuliffe (University of Adelaide final year student) will receive funds towards specialised tuition in harp in preparation for an upcoming international competition.  

Visual Art 

Renee Bell (Flinders University final year student), on behalf of the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) graduating studentsapplied for a graduation activity grant for their end of year show. 

Kate Bohunnis (Flinders University Honours graduate) will present her solo exhibition ‘this soft machine’ at firstdraft gallery in Sydney in November 2020.  

Emma Cuppleditch (University of South Australia graduate) will attend the jeweller and metalsmith group of Australia 2021 conference and participate in the group exhibition.  

Erin Daniell (Flinders University final year student) will participate in a group exhibition ‘SMALL CONNECTIONS’ at Craft ACT in July 2021.  

Danny Jarrett (University of South Australia graduate) will undertake a mentorship to expand his skills in coding with Adelaide University tutor Thomas Dolan, with the result of a minimum of four computer programs to feature in a group exhibition at Metro Arts Brisbane and a solo exhibition at The Mill. 

Jonathan Kim (University of South Australia Honours graduate) will receive funding towards the development of an exhibition at the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery in February 2021 that seeks to connect two separate exhibition spaces in different countries using online streaming.  

Oliver Russell-von Bujdoss (University of South Australia final year student), on behalf of the Bachelor of Design (Illustration Animation) graduating students, applied for a graduation activity grant for their end of year show. 

Asha Southcombe (University of South Australia final year student), on behalf of the Bachelor of Contemporary Art graduating students, applied for a graduation activity grant for their graduate exhibition.  


Tim Carlier (Flinders University Honours graduate) will make a micro budget experimental film, titled ‘Manny’. The film will use a mix of documentary and narrative film techniques as it explores filmmaking in the real world and how real people react to it. 

Tamara Hardman (Flinders University graduate) will undertake an online directors’ course with the Australian Film & Television School.  

Bryce Kraehenbuehl (Flinders University graduate) will develop a series of three short horror films and shoot one. Each film explores a different aspect of storytelling and craft, but all three are linked by their overarching genre of existential suburban horror.  

Fraser Whitehead (Flinders University final year student) will undertake a mentorship with Matt Vesely (Closer Productions) and will produce and direct a short film titled ‘Adrift’.  


Mary Angley (Flinders University Honours graduate) will create a new theatre work titled ‘Grief Lightening: A Satire in 78 Slides’. It is a work that is queer, feminist and part-theatre, part stand-up and part-PowerPoint presentation.   

Lachlan Barnett (Flinders University Honours graduate) will develop a show bible, jingle and intro-animation for his puppet led web-series ‘Flora’s Fauna’.  

Jamie Hornsby (University of South Australia graduate) will undertake creative development on a new, original play titled ‘Eat the Rich’.  

Georgia Laity (Flinders University final year Honours) on behalf of the Flinders University Drama Centre, applied for a graduation activity grant for funding of touring expenses to Melbourne and Sydney for their graduation showcase.   


Felicity Boyd (Flinders University graduate), will mount performance of work at the 2021 Adelaide Fringe under her dance company, Motus Collective.  

Isobel Stolinski (Flinders University final year student), on behalf of the Dance graduates, applied for a graduation activity grant for high-quality recording of their graduation work, a workshop series with industry practitioners and an industry evening.  

Image: Mary Angley performing her theatre work, Grief Lightening: A Satire in 78 Slides (still).