George Street Studios Residency

24 January 2019

The Helpmann Academy in partnership with George Street Studios, is thrilled to announce the recipients of the George Street Studios Residency.

Sam Gold, a graduate from the University of South Australia, and Kate Bohunnis, an honours graduate from Adelaide College of the Arts (TAFE) / Flinders University have both been awarded rent-free studio spaces at the Thebarton studio.

Beginning in January 2019, the 6-month residency provides Sam and Kate with access to the dynamic, creative and progressive environment of George St Studios, and the established artists that practice there. The emerging artists will be able to learn and create with access to specialised space, machinery and technical skills.

As an emerging creative working within the disciplines of ceramics and furniture design, Sam is excited about having access to George St residents like famed furniture designer Lex Stobie.

“I really didn’t think that this kind of opportunity was within my reach as a recent graduate from UniSA, but I can now say that my sense of self and practice has been lifted through receiving the George St Studio residency. Coming from a design background in furniture and entwining that with my ceramic practice, it is incredible that I now have access to a space and established creators that will help me hone both of these skills – allowing me to fully embrace the multidisciplinary nature of my practice.”

Printmaker and installation artist, Kate is looking forward to using this opportunity to extend her creative reach.

“Being awarded this opportunity and support from both Helpmann Academy and George St Studios will enable me to take my art practice to another level professionally. I am excited about pushing myself and my skills as much as possible to form a new tone

and strength to my work. It will be incredibly rewarding to engage with the artists of George St Studios and utilise the abundance of technical equipment and knowledge that is contained inside.”

Helpmann Academy CEO, Jane MacFarlane said that this residency is a unique chance for multidisciplinary artists to expand their skillset in a vibrant, creative community.

“We are confident that the six-month residency at George St Studios will have very real and exciting outcomes for the creative practices of both Sam and Kate. This is a unique opportunity for these emerging artists to immerse themselves in an established commercial studio space, with access to the knowledge and equipment belonging to a collective of successful practitioners.”

The Helpmann Academy George Street Studios residency is an initiative of Helpmann Academy, delivered in partnership with George Street Studios.

Image 1: Kate Bohunnis, strong house soft walls (installation detail). Photo by Christopher Arblaster.
Image 2: Sam Gold, Embody (detail). Photo by Jordan Fowler.