Helpmann Academy ACE Open Residency

1 November 2018

The Helpmann Academy in partnership with ACE Open, is thrilled to announce the recipient of the ACE Open Studio Residency.

Tara Rowhani-Farid, an honours graduate from the University of South Australia, has been awarded a rent-free studio space at ACE Open, South Australia’s flagship contemporary art gallery.

Beginning in January 2019, the 12-month residency will give Tara access to public programs, studio visits with visiting curators, professional development and enhanced connection with the ACE Open community.

As an emerging artist working within the discipline of painting, installation and post-internet, Tara is excited about this vote of confidence in her practice and is delighted to be starting her post-study journey with the renowned contemporary space.

“I am absolutely thrilled and humbled to be the recipient of the ACE Open Residency. As I am sure is the case for most students about to make the transition from art school to the actual world, I have felt excited but slightly unnerved about leaving the cozy support network of the university. I feel so grateful that I will have the support of ACE Open and the Helpmann Academy in these very early stages of my practice. These are two institutions that are highly respected, and it is reassuring and exciting to know that I will be able to foster a place within this community. I am motivated by the knowledge that I will be working within a space such as ACE Open; one that works hard to encourage an inclusive, diverse and open ideology within contemporary art practices.”

CEO of ACE Open, Liz Nowell is equally as thrilled to invite Tara into the ACE Open community.

“Tara is an exciting and engaged artist with a bright future ahead of her. She is active in the arts community and will bring a wealth of energy to our studio program. We look forward to supporting her practice at ACE Open in 2019.”

Helpmann Academy CEO, Jane MacFarlane said that Tara was perfect for the residency.

“We are very excited to see how Tara and her practice will develop in her time at the ACE Open Studio Residency. The strength of her work combined with her passion for networking and relationship building in the arts made her the ideal candidate for this space.”

Tara is interested in cross-disciplinary practices, using traditional analogue painting methods combined with digitally-based tools to create work. She hopes her work will generate discussion regarding constructs of identity in both physical and virtual spaces.

Image: Tara Rowhani-Farid, Give ‘em the old Razzle Dazzle (detail), 2018, Oil, acrylic and digital print on canvas, 184×184 cm, Photograph by artist.

The Helpmann Academy ACE Open Studio Residency is presented in partnership with ACE Open.