InReview Mentorship Recipient

Helpmann Academy and Solstice Media are thrilled to introduce Michelle Wakim as the first recipient of the Helpmann Academy InReview Mentorship.

As a Flinders University graduate and student at the University of South Australia, Michelle is uniquely poised to undertake this mentoring program due to her background in both the arts and journalism.

A partnership between Helpmann and Solstice Media, the program was developed to cultivate the next generation of arts reviewers and re-build the practice of robust discourse and analysis of South Australian performing and visual arts, in conjunction with the launch of InReview, a new sub-site of InDaily.

From July 2021 Michelle will be partnered with an InReview mentor who will help her in building her skills in the art of review writing, with the aim to produce a number of pieces to be published on InReview.

Michelle says she is excited by the prospect of being immersed in South Australia’s art scene while gaining essential industry experience.

“My biggest hope is to develop as a writer and build a sound portfolio that will carry me into the next stage of my career. Gaining experience with such a widely respected publication will hopefully add credibility to my name and allow me to leverage opportunities after the mentorship. I also hope to establish valuable relationships and connections within the Adelaide art and media scene.”

Jane MacFarlane, Helpmann Academy CEO says that the Helpmann Academy InReview Mentorship is a unique inroad for emerging creatives to diversify their skillset.

“Helpmann are thrilled to be partnering with Solstice Media on this first of its kind program that will support emerging creatives to dip their toes into the world of review writing and arts critique. We wholeheartedly believe in the mission of InReview to produce compelling and rigorous arts and cultural commentary and can’t wait to see how Michelle’s unique voice advances this cause.”

Solstice Media editorial director David Washington said the mentorship fitted perfectly with InReview’s goal to support both local arts and culture and the critics who write about it.

“Michelle will be working with Samela Harris, one of South Australia’s most experienced theatre critics and journalists, as well as Katherine Tamiko Arguile, an acclaimed writer and one of InReview’s valued visual arts specialists,” he said.

“I’m thrilled this project will be able to connect such accomplished writers with Michelle to help her develop her skills and voice.”

Image: 2021 Helpmann Academy InReview Mentorship recipient Michelle Wakim. Photo supplied by artist.

The 2021 Helpmann Academy InReview Mentorship is a joint venture between Helpmann Academy and Solstice Media.