Hilton Adelaide Commission

Helpmann Academy’s first ever Hilton Adelaide Emerging Artist Commission, Gold Topography by Tom Borgas has been unveiled in the Hilton Adelaide foyer.

Stretching an impressive seven metres, the mounted sculptural work represents the physical and human landscape of South Australia, with Tom stating that, “The topography of South Australia represents a rich natural data set– a sculptural summary of aeons of activity.”

Hilton Adelaide partnered with Helpmann Academy to deliver the Hilton Adelaide Emerging Artist Commission, which gave an emerging artist the chance to create a contemporary artwork to be hung behind the reception desk in the hotel’s lobby. The commission was valued at up to $25,000.

The resulting work is a sculpture in three parts that “shows the three peninsulas of SA taken from a strip that runs diagonally across the state.”

Tom hopes that visitors to the Hilton Adelaide will actively engage with the installation. “The undulating tessellated surface (of the sculpture) rearticulates the activity of the lobby in a dance of light. Although drawn to this spectacle, the viewer is integral to the life of the work. This work quite literally reflects South Australia.”

“I hope that people will experience it as something dynamic, that shifts as they move and as the light changes. Art is a physical experience as much as anything else.”

Tom Borgas is a graduate from the University of South Australia and has had a number of his pieces exhibited in shows and galleries around Australia and internationally. At a time where the physical world is increasingly being compressed, transmitted and experienced digitally, Tom Borgas’ art practice is concerned with drawing attention to this shift through its reverse– by presenting the aesthetic and structural motifs of digital technology as actual objects and events in real space/time.

Mr Peer Norsell, General Manager of the Hilton Adelaide says the organisation has relished the opportunity to engage an emerging artist in the project. “Hilton Adelaide is a great supporter of local artists and we see this commission as an investment in the SA arts community. Being able to bring that support to life with a tangible opportunity in collaboration with the Helpmann Academy has been an exciting and rewarding process for everyone involved.”

Helpmann Academy Chief Executive Officer, Jane MacFarlane, said, “We are thrilled to see Tom’s vision come together in what is a visually arresting piece. It is a major coup for an emerging artist to be able to develop and exhibit in such a high-profile location, and we commend the Hilton Adelaide on championing the next generation of artists through the Hilton Adelaide Emerging Artist Commission.”

For Tom, the commission exposes his work to a range of local, interstate and international visitors. “To have a major commission installed in such a prominent place in one of Adelaide’s premier hotels is of course an amazing chance to showcase my practice to the people of Adelaide and its visitors.”

Tom Borgas’ work Gold Topography is now on display behind the concierge desk at the Hilton Adelaide.

Feature Image: Gold Topography by Tom Borgas installed in the Hilton Adelaide foyer. Photo by Michael Haines.

Presented in partnership with Hilton Adelaide.