Information for Applicants

Helpmann Academy Langley Award for Jazz



The Helpmann Academy is pleased to invite applications for Helpmann Academy Langley Award for Jazz, proudly supported by the K & S Langley Fund.

Valued at $7,500, Helpmann Academy Langley Award for Jazz provides an outstanding early career jazz musician or group with the opportunity to undertake pivotal career development projects, enabling them to take steps towards establishing themselves as a professional musician/s.

The award will empower an emerging musician or group to seek out and tailor projects that will provide invaluable opportunities for learning, skills development, or the resources for recording or touring; accelerating them towards their goal of a sustainable jazz career. Funded activities are to take place between 1 August 2022 to 31 December 2023.

The award will be presented at the Jazz Awards at Scott Theatre, University of Adelaide on Thursday 28 July 2022. The award recipient/s will be expected to perform on the evening.


  • Helpmann Academy Langley Award for Jazz is open to final year students and graduates from the Jazz Program at The Elder Conservatorium of Music, The University of Adelaide.
    • Applicants must be final year students, or graduates of the Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance).
    • Graduates must be within five years following their final year of study.
    • Honours students and graduates are eligible to apply.
    • Honours graduates must be within five years following their final year of Honours study.
    • If applying as a group, all group members must fit this criteria.
  • Applicants must demonstrate excellence in their work and a rigorous commitment to building a career as a professional jazz artist.
  • Applicants must be prepared to share their knowledge and experience through public forums.


A broad range of projects and career development opportunities can be supported by Helpmann Academy’s Langley Award for Jazz. Applicants are encouraged to determine what their current needs and goals are in furthering their career, and plan and present a viable program that meets those needs.

Proposals could include:

  • Recording
  • Touring
  • Mentorships with acclaimed musicians interstate or overseas (can be undertaken in person or remotely)
  • Industry conferences
  • Other professional development opportunities



When completing your application, clearly answer all the questions and provide the required support material.

The application is made up of two questions requiring written responses. They are;

  1. Outline the program of activity you wish to undertake (be as specific as possible with details – what, when, where, and who is involved).
  2. Outline why you want to undertake the varying aspects of the program, and what the expected artistic, professional, or audience development outcomes will be (i.e. if you propose to undertake a mentorship, explain why you want to work with the mentor, and how they will contribute to your professional development).

Required support material is outlined in the application form and includes:

  • Artist CV (maximum two A4 pages). If applying as a group, a CV per applicant is required.
  • Your official academic transcript. If applying as a group, an academic transcript per applicant is required.
  • Letter of endorsement from senior industry professional or lecturer.*
  • Audio or visual that demonstrates your current work (recorded within the last two years). You can upload files or provide links (ensuring passwords are working if set to private). These examples do not have to be professional standard, live recordings or demos are OK, as long as they accurately demonstrate your current performance level/body of work.
  • Letters confirming aspects of your project (i.e. placement at your chosen institution, or confirmation from a mentor).
  • A clear timeline outlining each of your proposed activities and when they will take place.
  • A budget outlining all expenses associated with the program and how they will be supported (see sample budget).

In addition to the required support material, applicants are welcome to also provide additional material they feel will support their application. For example, this can include further letters or endorsement, or media clippings, etc.

*It is highly recommended to organise and request your endorsement letter as soon as you start to put your application together and in plenty of time before the application due date.

Final applications must be lodged via the Helpmann Academy website and be submitted by 11:59pm Wednesday 15 June 2022.


The successful applicant will clearly demonstrate how undertaking their self-directed program will contribute to their artistic and professional development. Applications will be assessed based on the high level of artistic merit, the positive impact of the award to the artist’s practice, and the viability and value of the applicant’s proposed program.

A panel facilitated by the Helpmann Academy will assess applications based on:

  • The provision of a clear outline of why the chosen program is beneficial to the applicant’s career development and the impact the program will have on their artistic practice.
  • How the applicant will maximise their time.
  • A demonstrated commitment to learning, and how the applicant intends to use the obtained knowledge and experience.
  • The personal and professional qualities the applicant is able to contribute.


  • Funding is not provided for any equipment, freight, musical instruments, or any support directly related to a student’s current course or requirements for a Masters or PhD.
  • Funding is not provided for projects already started or completed (i.e. there is no retrospective funding).
  • Please note that no funding will be available for projects commencing outside the period of 1 August 2022 to 31 December 2023.
  • The recipient will be required to provide the Helpmann Academy with at least two email updates throughout the duration of the program and provide a final acquittal report within one month of the completion of the program.
  • If there are any changes to the recipient’s proposed program or budget, they must notify the Helpmann Academy immediately to seek approval
  • The recipient must be willing to speak at a public forum about the benefits, experiences and outcomes of receiving the Helpmann Academy Langley Award for Jazz.

For more information contact Helpmann Academy on (08) 7089 0720 or email [email protected]