• Mirjana Dobson, Synthetic Organism (detail).
  • Ursula Halpin, Caite i dtraipisi (cast aside) IV (detail).
  • Karlien Van Rooyen, High Tea (detail).
  • Rob Lyons, Marissa Ziesing and Jane MacFarlane.

Visual Arts Awards

To support emerging visual artists in South Australia, the Helpmann Academy works with numerous local organisations to present a selection of awards, judged by a panel of industry leaders, recognising artistic excellence and talent.

The following awards are presented at our annual Graduate Exhibition:

2019 Visual Arts Awards:

The Hill Smith Gallery / University of South Australia Postgraduate Award
Valued at $10,000 cash.
Recognises the achievements of a Masters or PhD candidate.

Undergraduate Award for Excellence supported by Roger and Helen Salkeld
Valued at $7,500 cash. 

The City of Adelaide Award 
Valued at $7,500 cash.
The winner of this acquisitive award will have their work acquired as part of City of Adelaide’s art collection, and exhibited at a City of Adelaide location.

The Linden New Art Award | New in 2019
Valued at $6,620 cash & in-kind.
The recipient of the Linden New Art Award will be provided with a 3-week exhibition at Linden New Art in Melbourne, through its Linden Projects Space program. The exhibition includes mentorship, marketing & promotion assistance, accommodation, and install/de-install assistance.

The City Rural Insurance / Helpmann Travel Award
Valued at $5,000 cash.
This award provides the winner with the opportunity to travel, informing their practice with new ideas and experiences.

The Lang / McKee Award | New in 2019
Valued at $5,000 cash.

The Minter Ellison Award
Valued at $5,000 cash.
Supported by [email protected], the Minter Ellison Award will recognise an emerging female or female-identifying artist.

The Raffen Award
Valued at $5,000 cash.
An acquisitive award, the chosen work becomes part of a significant private collection.

The Rob Lyons Award
Valued at $3,000 cash.

The JamFactory Award
Valued at $2,500 cash & in-kind.
Presented to an artist working in ceramics, glass or jewellery, the award includes a mentorship with Jam Factory’s Creative Directors of Product and Retail, and an opportunity to have work on consignment in Jam Factory’s retail store for 12 months.

The David Hayden Professional Development Award
Valued at $1,000 cash.
Awarded for the purpose of purchasing materials.

The Peter Walker / Helpmann Advancement Award
Valued at $,1000 cash.

The Royal South Australian Society of Arts Award
Valued at $1,000 cash.

The SALA Award
Valued at $1,000 cash & in-kind.
Awarded to an artist who will benefit from exhibiting their work at SALA, the SALA Award provides premium registration for the 2019 SALA festival

The Helpmann Academy Peoples’ Choice Award
Valued at $500 cash
This award is voted for by visitors to the exhibition and presented to the winning artist at the conclusion of the exhibition.

The 25th Anniversary Judith Roberts Award (previously the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Award)
Valued at $10,000, this award is available to a top graduate nominated by one of the Helpmann Academy’s partner institutions and presented at the Helpmann Academy’s end of year event.