Annabel Matheson

Actor & Theatre Maker

My name is Annabel Matheson, I’m an emerging actor and theatre maker and I am about to begin working on a new project with my independent theatre company, Ladylike Theatre Collective, supported by the Helpmann Academy. 

I graduated from Flinders University Drama Centre acting program in 2014 and I was fortunate enough to spend my first two years out of acting school working with the State Theatre Company of South Australia, Foul Play Theatre and Sydney Theatre Company. These were fantastic experiences, but I wanted to create my own work. Last year, I decided to produce a theatre show for the Sydney Fringe Festival, and then later for the Adelaide Fringe, with my production company, Ladylike Theatre Collective.

This is where the Helpmann Academy came in. As an emerging, independent maker, it feels like nobody would trust you with money, especially not the amount of money you need to produce a show interstate. I applied for, and received a Helpmann Academy grant to produce my show. As well as the financial support, I also received genuine guidance and encouragement, and the show (Late: A Cowboy Song) was a huge success.

Thanks to the financial contribution of Helpmann Academy on our first project, we’ve built skills and found new motivation to create work that inspires and invigorates audiences. I am very excited to have received another Helpmann Academy grant earlier this year to present a new show with Ladylike Theatre Collective.

Independent art doesn’t exist in Adelaide without the Helpmann Academy. People like me don’t exist without them. They have supported countless individuals and have helped small companies like mine get off the ground. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the Helpmann Academy for supporting and encouraging me.

I also want to thank you for supporting Helpmann because you’re making so much important art, that might have never been seen, possible, and you’re helping us remember that people do care and do need art. 

As Viola Davis said when accepting an Oscar, “I became an artist, and thank God I did, because we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life.”

Thank you for donating to the Helpmann Academy.

Annabel Matheson
Actor & Theatre Maker
Ladylike Theatre Collective

Photo: Annabel Matheson in Late: A Cowboy Song, courtesy of Ladylike Theatre Collective.

Annabel received Helpmann Regular Grants in 2016 and 2017, and participated in our GoingPro program in 2016.

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