eduard helmbold

Visual Artist/Sculptor

My name is eDuard Helmbold. I am a sculptor with an emerging practice. With Helpmann Academy’s support, I have just completed my first residency in New York… Here are my reflections:

Being an emerging artist is uncomfortable. Before you can even think about the uncertainties of the future, you have to make sense of the questions and uncertainties facing you and your practice in the present. And if you listen to the anonymous (and sometimes not so anonymous) crowds: the landscape for arts and artists does not paint a pretty picture. Being an emerging artist is uncomfortable.

Being an emerging artist makes people uncomfortable. New acquaintances often ask what else you do, to ease their own discomfort at your uncomfortable future.

With the support of Helpmann Academy, I was privileged to be an artist in residence at Arts Letters and Numbers in New York in 2018.  The opportunity to focus on my practice for three weeks has shaped my practice and my outlook on art irrevocably.

My residency at Arts Letters and Numbers

…affirmed my practice

…questioned my practice

…opened new avenues of exploration

…created space for me TO BE an artist

The support of Helpmann Academy not only helped realise this residency, but Helpmann Academy’s support is now embedded in my practice.

Marcel Duchamp famously said: “I don’t believe in art, I believe in artists”. Even though I self-indulgently ascribe to this statement, I can wholeheartedly add: I also believe in the arts. This belief is not based on some magical power that art holds in society, I believe in the arts because of organisations like Helpmann Academy and its generous sponsors. Helpmann Academy not only recognises the discomfort of emerging practices but they are committed to supporting artists through it. I have experienced this first hand.

Being an emerging artist is uncomfortable, but I am compelled to make. I am grateful to Helpmann Academy for understanding this and their compulsion to see art happen in Australia. Your donation to Helpmann Academy helps makes emerging practices clearer. As for the art: You’ll see the fruit for yourself.

Thank you for donating to the Helpmann Academy.

eDuard Helmbold
Visual Artist/Sculptor

Photo: eDuard Helmbold, artwork by Brianna Speight in the background.

eDuard is a Helpmann Academy regular grant recipient and recipient of the 2018 City Rural Insurance / Helpmann Travel Award, presented in partnership with City Rural Insurance.

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