Kate Power

Visual Artist

Hello from Rome! My name is Kate Power, I’m a sculpture and installation artist and I’m writing to you from the British School at Rome in Italy, where I’m undertaking the Helpmann Academy British School at Rome residency.

I’ve been in Rome for nearly two months now and already it has accelerated my thinking and making in new and interesting directions. I’m learning so much about history, people and art and it is challenging me to approach my work from new perspectives. This is a unique opportunity that I am grateful to have been given.

I’ve always used my art as a way to express things that can’t be communicated in words. Over the years of making and exhibiting work I’ve realised these things are often the most important, and are things that most people struggle to communicate. One of the responses I get from my work is that it gives people a feeling, and often they’re not sure what it is yet, but by talking about their responses we discuss gender, sexuality, politics and social experiences. The conversations my work stimulates feel important and give me the drive to keep practicing.

A number of my key early career experiences have been supported by Helpmann Academy. Helpmann has supported me to exhibit in Perth and Melbourne, and undertake an artist residency in Reykjavik, Iceland. These experiences were integral in developing my material processes, research, and building an international arts network.

Without Helpmann Academy it would have been impossible for me to have these early career and life changing experiences, and I am so thankful to the people that have made these opportunities possible.

Every opportunity I have had, I’ve thought about the people that have contributed to making it happen and have felt both proud and valued that people see the importance of these opportunities existing.

The donors that understand the importance of art, and especially how vital development during the early stages of an arts career is, are so significant to careers like mine.

Thank you for donating to the Helpmann Academy. Your support really does change lives.

Kate Power
Visual Artist

Photo by Russell Millard.

The 2017 British School at Rome Residency was generously funded by David and Pam McKee and the Wood Foundation.

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