Stephanie Jaclyn

Writer / Director

My name is Stephanie Jaclyn. I’m an emerging writer and director with a passion for creating female-driven drama and comedy content. I graduated from Flinders University in 2014. Recently, I undertook an intensive career development program in London thanks to Helpmann Academy’s Fellowship program. This experience not only strengthened my creative skills as a writer and director but also armed me with the tools to carve out a career path in an extremely competitive industry.

Receiving the Helpmann Fellowship meant I was able to create a multifaceted career development program that included formal study at the Met Film School, on set work experience, and attendance at a number of conferences, seminars and workshops that also provided the opportunity to network with industry professionals and fellow creatives.

During my eight weeks at the Met Film School, I was given the opportunity to focus solely on my craft as a writer and director. While there, I wrote, directed, filmed and edited four projects which has strengthened my directing style and creative voice. I came away from the course with footage for my directing showreel, which I am now using to gain directing work within the local industry, and a short film which I am currently preparing to send to film festivals.

In addition to studying at the Met Film School, I undertook work experience on the BBC drama, The Split, where I shadowed Australian Director, Jessica Hobbs. This was a great opportunity to see how a director functioned within a professional television production setting.

While in London I came across so many other fantastic opportunities to develop and hone my skills. I was one of twenty writers accepted into the Talent Campus Screenwriting Workshop, run through the London Screenwriters Festival. This workshop provided me with an incredibly valuable experience and armed me with tools to market myself within the industry, how to adapt my current ideas to modern consumption trends and how to deliver an impactful one-on-one pitch with producers.

I then attended the screenwriters festival a few weeks later where I had the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops with industry professionals specialising in book and real-life adaptation, period drama, new media and countless others.

I received so much more in the way of development and growth than I could have ever imagined through this experience. I learnt so much about the industry as a whole as well as myself as a creative and I have returned to Adelaide with a renewed sense of love for the craft and a clear understanding on how to forge a career as a writer and director.

Thanks to the support of the Helpmann Academy, I’ve been given a valuable, life-changing experience that will have a lasting impact on my career.

Your donation will ensure the Helpmann Academy’s continued support of emerging artists and creatives, like me, by providing them with similar career development opportunities that would otherwise be unattainable.

Stephanie Jaclyn
Writer / Director

Photo: Stephanie Jaclyn on the set of her web-series Freemales.  

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